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go trojans!

Whitmore Lake High School


go trojans!

Whitmore Lake High School

go trojans!

Whitmore Lake High School

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8 months ago

Football All-Conference Team announced

2019 M.I.A.C. Football Conference MVP: EVAN ROMEO – WHITMORE LAKE

2019 M.I.A.C. Football Conference Coach of the Year: RICH ALKIRE – OAKLAND CHRISTIAN

2019 M.I.A.C. Football All Conference 1st Team:

Evan Romeo Whitmore Lake 12
Logan Kurth Whitmore Lake 11
Alex Williams Whitmore Lake 12
Michael Corrie Whitmore Lake 11
Angelo Scafone Oakland Christian 12
Daniel Siminski Oakland Christian 11
Mason Kolb Oakland Christian 11
Christian Campbell Oakland Christian 12
Zach Jones Clarenceville 12
Tanner Pierce Clarenceville 11
Miles Ealy Clarenceville 9
Jackson Miles Lutheran Westland 12
Ryan Faith Lutheran Westland 9
Paul Davenport Lutheran Westland 10
Aaron Gunn Lutheran Northwest 12
Luke Lanier Lutheran Northwest 10
Zack Jaksa Parkway Christian 12
Joe Gillette Parkway Christian 12
Ian Hanafee Southfield Christian 12
Nolan Hart Southfield Christian 12

2019 M.I.A.C. Football All Conference 2nd Team:

Zach Brady Whitmore Lake 12
Evan Vaughan Whitmore Lake 12
Travis Lucas Whitmore Lake 12
Cole Henning Whitmore Lake 12
Luke Alkire Oakland Christian 12
Jaemin Liebler Oakland Christian 12
Zachary Miller Oakland Christian 11
Daniel Moore Clarenceville 10
Justin Dorsey Clarenceville 11
Ibrahima Kebe Clarenceville 12
Ben Bavol Lutheran Westland 12
Grant Ingersol Lutheran Westland 12
Will Cudney Lutheran Northwest 12
Cam Rubio Lutheran Northwest 12
Grifin Adams Parkway Christian 12
Jake Robinet Parkway Christian 12
CJ Sexton Southfield Christian 12
Blake Parpart Southfield Christian 12

2019 M.I.A.C. Football Conference Final Standings

1st 6-0 Whitmore Lake
2nd 5-1 Oakland Christian
3rd 4-2 Clarenceville
4th 3-3 Lutheran Westland
5th 1-5 Lutheran Northwest
5th 1-5 Parkway Christian
5th 1-5 Southfield Christian
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